Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Workshop

In Rwanda, the school semester ends in October with local and national exams. This is followed by 2 months vacations where volunteers are sometimes scrambling to do training or taking their own holidays. My latest workshop with the teachers in my district is a 2 hour training called 'Songs and Games for the Classroom'. It gives teachers some tools for making the classroom more active, participatory, and child-centered. It also means that tone-deaf, artistically challenged me has to sing and draw in front of teachers who are much better singers and artists than I'll ever be. I think I am actually an inspiration because the teachers look at my drawings and think 'well, I could do a MUCH better job so why don't I?'. I have already seen some improvements in the schools I visit. One of the songs I teach is 'Alice's Camel' which causes much hilarity amongst the teachers. The games I teach are a memory game (involving my drawings on a rice sack) and math bingo. The teachers love them both! Here is me showing my Pictorial Alphabet to the teachers.

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