Monday, February 22, 2010

On vaccinations and other preparations

So there is still enough time left before I leave that the whole 2 year adventure in Africa hasn't really become "real" to me yet. What is definitely making it more and more real are the number of painful, bruise-causing, wallet-emptying needles I have to endure. So far, I have been given an injections for typhoid, measle/mumps/rubella, meningitis, yellow fever and my 1st of 3 separate shots for rabies (at $170 each)! Luckily I already had the vaccinations for Hep A & B, as well as tetanus or I would really be bawling like a baby. This, of course, doesn't take into consideration the complete (and I mean COMPLETE) medical exam, the forced dental examination and following painful and expensive filling, and eye examination with double-vision, flashing-light causing drops, and months of malaria and pregnancy preventing pills I have yet to purchase. Did I mention I have to buy a motorcycle helmet because I will be riding on the back of a moto to get around most of the time? Well, at least all of these appointments are getting me out of the house and a few steps closer to my goal - And according to the eye doctor, my vision should return to normal in 8 short hours, so it's all good. Check out the funcky sunglasses they gave me to wear after my appointment - stylish!

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  1. Ahhh....yes, the eye drops. Just had them last week, my pupils didn't constrict until many hours later. SO much for the advice they would be back to normal in an hour or two.

    I too, had to walk around the house with my sunglasses that night. On a side note, it did make me hum the Corey Hart tune "I wear my sunglasses at night...So I can...So I can"

    Have you had any tunes running through your head during all your preparations?