Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Waiting, workshops, & more waiting

Trying to do workshops with teachers during the most important exams of the semester was probably not the wisest move, but yours truly will definitely know better for next time:) I mentioned in an earlier post that I was observing lessons & giving feedback in the schools in my sector. I noticed that all schools had some common strengths & they also made the same "mistakes" - the areas for improvement were very similar! This is how I came to create the "Strengths & Weaknesses of Muhura Schools" which is about 2 1/2 hours long. So far I have facilitated this workshop at 3 schools with a fair amount of success (ie. nobody booed me or threw tomatoes at me) and hope to do 2 more this week. I say hope because schedules have a way of changing at last minute here (like 8:30pm the night before a workshop) but we just have to learn to take things slowly - buhoro, buhoro as they say here in Rwanda!

When I am not visiting schools in my area, I am often in Kigali sharing information (and good times!) with other volunteers. The picture above shows a group of the education volunteers deeply involved in their group activity....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canada Day in Rwanda

Had the awesome opportunity to help with a workshop in another district called Nyanza with the 2 Mels (Melanie & Melissa). It was a very long day of teaching students & teacher-training - not to mention the extrac-curricular activities such as the 3 legged races! Thanks to the Mels for letting me participate as it was a great learning experience & a good time was had by all. Check out the picture of me with some of the students - they oughta be in pictures!

Canada Day happened to fall on the same day as Indepence Day in Rwanda. I celebrated our nation's birthday in style at the Canadian ambassadors house in Kigali. My team won the Canada Day quiz & won cool pens - I even got a temporary tattoo to show my loyalty to my country!